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    SoftClans Leveraged Advanced Management System (SLAMS) is a scalable, fully integrated user friendly corporate business solution. The solutions provided are customized to suit individual clientele and are tailored to suit insurance business processes in the African continent.

Key Features


Extensibility is a systems design principle that allows for easy system modification without affecting its other functionalities.


Configurability is that quality within a system that allows for system behavior to be varied by a small amount of user input.


SLAMS has various APIs that enable it to communicate with multiple existing systems hence simplifying systems communications


SLAMS modules use permission driven architecture that ensures accountability and that users can only read and edit areas where they are permitted to do so.

Providing the best possible services to our customers without breaking a sweat

Mobile and Browser friendly

SLAMS is able to run from any browser, giving it the ease in operations, deployment and maintenance.

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