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We're a Software Development Company that provides Professional , Secure , Scalable and Flexible IT Solutions

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Industries We Impact

  • SoftClans Transforming Insurance Industry

    Innovation is the main key to growth in any industry. With SoftClans Technologies, the insurer can easily adopt to the digital innovations in Business Underwriting, Premium Administration , Policy Administration , Self-service portals and many more to better serve their Clients.

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  • Education

    Software resources of increasing sophistication and scope are prevalent in today's schools, they are designed to help students and educators with the tasks of organization, increased productivity, research, presentation and learning. SoftClans endeavors to make these tools available to you and tailor makes them to fit into your routine. With the help and support from our highly skilled developers, you will never regret putting your trust in us.

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  • Banking & Finance

    Banks use ICT infrastructure to maintain their customer accounts by dealing with transactions generated as a result of withdrawals and deposits. It also operates a network of automated teller machines or ATMs. All ICT infrastructure completely rely on software resources for their operations. SoftClans guarantees the Design, Production and Delivery of cutting edge software resources that are secure and robust to smoothly handle the daily banking and financial operations required.

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  • Manufacturing & Energy

    Modern manufacturing is an increasingly automated and technology-driven industry. It heavily relies on the application of advanced technologies and systems, both hardware and software e.g in automation, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and others. These technologies are seriously changing the face of manufacturing in ways that were inconceivable decades ago. With a highly skilled and industry driven technical development team, SoftClans will help you and your Company make sense of all these and emerge on top of the massive technological wave.

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  • Government

    Its is imperative that transactions between businesses, individuals and the government can be undertaken safely and easily electronically without interuptions or delays. Information and communications technology (ICT) is a prerequisite in the facilitation of effective operational management within the government. We are ready and willing to provide the very best software resources that are secure and technologically capable of handling these processes.

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  • Logistics & Warehousing

    Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are invaluable software tools for improving your organization's productivity and customer focus. In this increasingly automated and technology-driven world of today, you cannot afford to manage your warehousing and logistics needs without the very best of software resources in your corner, and who provides the very best other than SoftClans?

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Featured Products

Insurance Products

SoftClans provides the best insurance software solutions designed to meet your specific needs and exponentially grow your business.

Web Portals

With our innovative web portal applications, you can easily establish your brand and connect with your community

ERP Solutions

Our simple, elegant but powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are designed to help you efficiently manage each and every aspect of your company.

Mobile Apps

Our user-centric mobile applications enable our clients to stay ahead in their industries by boosting their sales, establishing their brand value in the market and increasing their visibility

Our Solutions

Software Development

We Develop Software systems tailored to meet every client's needs irrespective of the clients industry.


We offer our customers hosting services for cloud dependent modules.


We offer training on linux, windows, web platforms and other related Technologies.

IT Consultancy

Lending an ear and offering the best solutions to customers is one of the major pillars of our organization.

About SoftClans

SoftClans is a global ICT solutions provider with offices in Nairobi(KENYA)...

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To be the regional IT solutions provider of choice helping in shaping the IT future on the African continent.

To provide our customers and partners solutions in a reliable , professional and efficient way surpassing expectations.

We strongly believe that the presence of efficient financial system is vital for smooth functioning and productivity in the organization . This confidence is backed by several years of experience in providing quality financial systems

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Our Clients

Since 2008, we have been helping companies achieve their goals with impactful, industry-specific software solutions. We are proud to earn the trust of a wide range of leading brands from small to large scale companies