Fleet Management And GPS Tracking System

This application is designed to manage vehicle for large corporates, trucking companies, public service vehicles, matatu Sacco and bus companies.

Compliance with Traffic Regulations

The application is designed with the republic of  Kenya traffic regulations for public service vehicles (PSVs) in consideration as shown below:-

  • Maintains List of employees(staff), their job description and qualifications
  • Maintains Drivers and Conductors contract Documents
  • Maintains all Accident Records per vehicle in a given Sacco and report Of the same records
  • Maintains Weekly Inspection report for vehicles and report Of the same records
  • Maintains service history for vehicles and report Of the same records
  • Maintains Mechanic Full Details including their Scanned certificates and a checklist drawn by them
  • Maintains Customer complaints details which include (customer name, mobile number, |complaint description and action taken)
  • Maintains particulars of members who have ceased to be members if any or vehicles added and report of the same filtered date wise
  • Maintains records of any traffic offences and penalties for each

It covers all the required details with flexibility for adding new requirements as they are come up

The design structure of the application makes it flexible and highly scalable; it is built in a modular structure which enhances its full functionality. The application integrates with our HR and Payroll systems seamlessly to ensure end to end process.

Core Modules

  • Vehicle Management
  • Employee Management
  • Payment Management
  • Reports