Medical Insurance Management System

SLAMS Medical system is a multi-platform application developed using.NET the primary platform being DevExpress framework.

The SLAMS Medical system utilizes database independent technology thus, it can be implemented with any of the leading databases which include MYSQL, oracle, Informix, Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server.

This  System, designed to capture and maintain proposals ,policies ,claims  and loans for a Group of People in a given institutions e.g Medical Policies for  CAPITAL MOTORS employees

It offers a wide range of benefits which include , highly scalable to meet fast growing needs of medical insurance business , highly parameterized to facilitate users to add new items that they need use in the system without developer involvement , highly customizable to meet specific user needs , can easily merge with other systems with no Interfaces requirement .g GL, Front Office  e.t.c , Modules integrated in this system are as follows

  • Medical Scheme Registration  e.g Name of The company
  • Quotation, Proposal Registration
  • Underwriting & Administration
  • Medical Underwriting Module
  • Claims processings
  • Loan Processing
  • Predefined Comprehensive Reports and User Defined reports

In addition to all this Functional areas , The system has office module for cashier receipting and capturing of premiums and any other front office transactions , and general ledger module for accounting purposes e.g bank reconciliation , claims payment e.t.c